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FlashDrive and Chia cryptocurrency


Chia cryptocurrency is based on Proof Of Space, and distribute tokens according to a mechanism called plotting.

In the last weeks, we've seen a lot of new accounts trying to launch and operate Chia miners from FlashDrive's infrastructure. Most of those accounts where created with fake/stolen credit cards for the sole purpose of getting Chia coins for free.

We want FlashDrive to stay a reliable and powerful app hosting solutions and we wanted to remind our users that :

  • According to our Terms and Conditions, all apps related to mining, storing or distributing cryptocurrencies in any form are not authorized by FlashDrive and will be deactivated,
  • We implemented additional security measures for new accounts to prevent the activation of accounts with fake or stolen credits cards, your account may be selected for identity verification at any time,
  • FlashDrive builder's are detecting images and apps associated with crypto mining and specifically Chia plotting or farming. Using one of these images will automatically suspend your account for further review (with all apps associated to that account, related to crypto or not).

If you have any question feel free to reach out to our support team, we will be happy to help you!