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Qoddi's mission


This is everything you need to know about Qoddi, and how it can help you reduce your infrastructure costs while improving your applications' responsiveness and overall quality.

Qoddi is an App Platform service (PaaS) constituted in a network of high availability clusters located in North America and Europe.

To completely understand what Qoddi is and how it can help you, let's first talk about the cloud, containers, and the purpose of containerization.

Cloud hosting for web apps, microservices (like APIs), and websites have been around for quite a long time now, and they typically rely on a process of virtualization. Essentially, the cloud operators install large quantities of servers inside a data center and then rent or sell parts of those servers based on their technical capabilities such as RAM, CPUs, Networks, etc.

The process of virtualization allows operators to create "virtual servers" (or VPS) by reserving a part of the host resources, which are the pre-installed servers, to provide better functionality. A hypervisor, software responsible for the sharing, does only one thing; it cuts resources and shares them across tenants or virtual servers. Hypervisors don't have any idea about what is running inside the virtual servers, and it also uses a lot of resources while sharing, limiting the host's capabilities. The result of this sharing process is that these VPS are not really predictable in terms of quality because, during peak times of use, the hypervisor may have difficulties keeping up with the traffic. They can also be expensive and limited in the possibility of scalability as each virtual server is totally independent and not specifically designed to communicate with each other.

Now, that's where containerization comes into play. A container orchestration tool sits on top of the host operating system, but resource-sharing goes on inside the cluster. The cluster is a combination of several host servers located inside the same data center. Qoddi is then a collection of several clusters (6 at the time of this post -and more to come).

Using this container cluster technology, Qoddi can do several things differently and more efficiently, such as;

  1. Offering fair prices:
    We strongly believe that VPS and app hosting services are overpriced. We're all here to make money, of course, but the Qoddi motto is to do it the fairway. We achieve this by not wasting computer resources and billing accurately. We don't believe in upselling and overcharges. We definitely do not want to charge an additional cost for services that you need to make your app strong and resilient, so our backups, load balancers, and SSL certificates are always free with Qoddi.
  2. Delivering the same amount of service for all tier prices:
    We understand the need for functionality and efficient services, and we don't want to offer free instances with only several hours per month. We know developers and IT managers need to have their applications available all the time, and we want all of our apps to have a strong network connection, always on and ready to deliver. We also know that you will probably start trying Qoddi with a DEV sized app so, we want DEV apps to be of the best possible quality to show you how Qoddi can be the best option for you :)
  3. No vendor lock-in:
    Qoddi has is 100% compatible with DockerFiles and 9+ languages out of the box without needing to add or alter any configuration file. This allows for quick and painless migration to and from Qoddi. There is no additional configuration file to create, no CLI app to install, and all Docker apps are supported.

In conclusion,
We believe that efficient technology should be available to everyone -no matter the size of your project or budget. In today's hosting world, cheap VPS is an alternative to costly cloud solutions that offer less scalability and service quality.

However, Qoddi's mission is to offer you a robust, scalable, and production-ready cloud at the same cost as your previous cheap VPS solution. We also think that the features that make your apps resilient and fault-tolerant must never be a paid add-on.

For that reason, the daily backups (with ransomware protection), load balancers, web traffic, and everything else that matters to your hosting are a part of all Qoddi's plans.