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Qoddi credits for code-teaching structures


Online resources of code teaching, tutorials, and e-learning program are invaluable resources for the tech community and needs to be recognized as a critical part of the future of tech.

In addition to that, specific programs or institutions like #WomenWhoCode or #100DaysofCode make a real difference in their communities and, through code, offers a better future to millions of people worldwide.

At Qoddi, we know that the infrastructure is a critical part of the learning process, and infrastructure must be accessible to everyone at the same pace as learning new technologies and programming languages.

Today we are launching a new program, similar to our student program, destined to help people currently learning code via a pre-approved structure or institution to use Qoddi's infrastructure for free without having to use a credit card to validate their account.

This new program includes:

  • A $200 yearly credit, renewable up to 3 times, to use any of Qoddi's production services, including datastores, apps, and add-ons,
  • No need to have a valid credit card on file to use Qoddi's services,

How to apply

To apply for this credit, please contact your code-teaching program or institution. They have a direct enrollment system provided by Qoddi to activate your account using a specific flow.

If the program or code-teaching structure doesn't participate in this program yet, please ask them to contact us to get started: it's completely free and quick.