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Qoddi for open source projects


At Qoddi, we are strong advocates and sponsors of open-source projects, and with the recent decision from Heroku to stop offering free plans (used by a lot of open-source developers), we felt the importance of having an alternative ready to keep those projects running.

Qoddi's infrastructure is compatible with most of Heroku's buildpacks and we wrote a guide to migrate a project from Heroku.

We understand that open source developers need features and options that may not be available in our generous free plan like:

  • Custom domain names with SSL,
  • Production-ready infrastructure to sustain the growth of the project,
  • Ability to deploy Docker containers or apps that require more resources than our free plan.

If you are the developer of an open source project, you are eligible for a $500 credit, available for 12 months and renewable every year the project remains active.

$500 for 12 months is enough to deploy a complete infrastructure to promote and manage an open source project with moderate/heavy traffic, including front-end, documentation, and test environments.

To request the open-source credit:

  • Open a dedicated Qoddi account with GitHub login using the same account as your open source project on GitHub,
  • Send us a message to request the credit,
  • The account must be exclusively used to host resources related to your open-source, or the credit will be voided,
  • A credit card is not required to activate this account.

To be eligible under this program:

  • You must be the creator or the owner of the project,
  • It must be completely open-sourced and available on GitHub,
  • Have at least 50 stars or 100 forks on its main repository,
  • Mention Qoddi as the hosting solution inside the project README

If you have any questions about this program, feel free to contact us!

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